Visual Merchandising

Strategies for Online Fashion Retail

Fashion visual merchandising is the ‘art’ of presenting products in both physical stores and digital retail environments, with the sole purpose of attracting, engaging & finally selling to a customer. A Fashion Visual Merchandiser may use their creativity combined with marketing principles & retail merchandising knowledge to use the space and layout of the store to present inventory highlighting their features & benefits in the best possible way to first get the customer into your store & then to buy your products.

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All of us have our own distinctive preferences and styles of dressing, even if we are not aware of it. Some retailers curate their catalogues based on the aesthetic of a garment. This is usually put together by a team of stylists or user generated content. But, today there is Fashion AI that can do this for every product in the catalog in real time.

How AI uses data to effectively rotate your inventory based on location, reducing deadstock.

Increase impulse purchases by "recommending" looks or entire ensembles together.

Boost average order value, push trending products to the top and design your eCommerce store with the help of AI.

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