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Out of the box optimizations

InSearch is already optimised for fashion, so you get relevant results without writing even one rule.

Plug and play implementations

Simple API implementations with full documentation and, if needed, tech support.

Instant results

A self-learning solution that continually evolves to deliver immediate results at scale.

Managed service

Track your performance on a comprehensive dashboard while we manage the services end-to-end.

Built with out-of-the-box optimizations, InSearch has advanced features
that serve accurate results. Results that convert in real-time.
State of the art features, crafted for your success!

Lift in PDP Views

Lift in Add-to-Cart

Lift in No. of Products Sold

Streamoid AI styling engine

Their AI fashion engine quickly grasped our brand styles within the context of the region and has since been delivering accurate recommendations for our website.

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Abhishek Jha
“We worked with 4-5 vendors to get our catalog ready and list it on multiple marketplaces. This required a lot of management and co-ordination between teams, leading to delayed product listing. We partnered with Streamoid to streamline this process. Using catalogix, they process the entire groups catalog and have reduced the Turnaround time to less than 2 days.”

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