Styling as a Service

Styling as a Service

In this white paper, we will explore what it means to style online, what kind of services can be offered, who will want these services, how much they cost, examples of how some retailers are using this technology and finally how you can build new revenue stream with AI styling engines.

Styling as a service
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Personal Styling has always been for celebrities or the super-wealthy. Expert stylists spend time with their clientele to understand their bodies, needs, lifestyles, likes and dislikes and curate looks that define their style and present the right image to the world. 

Virtual styling recreates this very same experience online. A virtual stylist also helps shoppers define their “personal style.” by selecting clothing and accessories that flatter them, fit their budget, and suit their tastes. It’s about doing all this while browsing online from the comfort of your own home. 

Retailers can offer this personalised service to all or their loyal customers, where based on their understanding of the customer they can personalise product or outfit recommendations using AI for scale. 

AI styling ingest layers of intelligence like brands style guides, personal preferences, geographical style preferences etc. to curate and style catalogues differently 

A virtual stylist does pretty much everything that celebrity in-person stylists do for their clients.

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