Domain-Optimized Search: All You Need to Know

Domain-Optimized Search: All You Need to Know

Domain-optimized product search helps deliver rich shopping experiences for the customer while compelling them to keep on searching. Product discovery when integrated with product search helps brands convert their online window shoppers while upselling and cross-selling to paying customers, increasing their average order value.  

In this whitepaper, we delve deeper into domain-optimized product search, helping you understand why it is important and how to go about it. 

Domain Optimized Search White Paper
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Shopping online is much different from shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. While shoppers may be willing to navigate and browse the length and breadth of the store to find the products they are looking for, they are often not as willing to spend too much time browsing the website/ online platform to find products. What sets apart experiences for shoppers in the digital space is how quickly, effortlessly and effectively they can find the products they are looking for. This is where site search capabilities are extremely beneficial for brands. Product search and discovery, when done right, offers the best first impressions and improves retention and engagement. When customers are shown relevant, personalized results for their search queries, it not only creates a great first impression but also guarantees more conversions. 

Data suggests that brands who invest in advanced search capabilities enjoy 50% higher conversion rates in comparison to those with basic search features.

Domain-optimized search increases the searchability and discoverability of products.

his fashion-optimized search solution has high error tolerance and can return accurate results even when there are typos, spelling errors or other errors in searches.

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