AI-Powered Cataloging

AI-Powered Cataloging to Drive Exceptional Value for Brands

Over the past decade, eCommerce has boomed and seen exponential growth with more customers looking towards online shopping for almost anything and everything. If brands want to thrive in today’s day and age, regardless of size and scale, they must have a digital presence. This is where cataloging, especially AI-powered cataloging, helps brands gain competitive advantages. In this whitepaper, we shall take a closer look at product catalogs and cataloging, AI-powered cataloging and how it drives extraordinary value for businesses in the omnichannel landscape.

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How to Ensure Cataloging Drives Value?

Given the complexity and challenges involved in catalog management, manual methods and rudimentary spreadsheets simply do not help in the multichannel era. These methods are wasteful, expensive and inefficient at best, unless the brand has a very limited number of products.  To ensure cataloging drives value, brands must choose the right cataloging/ catalog management solution. The solution must use the best of modern technology including self-learning AI, automation, computer vision, analytics, cloud computing, OCR and so on.

How catalog management plays an essential role in searchability

Fundamental ways in which AI-powered cataloging drives competitive advantages for brands

Why is AI-Powered cataloging necessary and how it generates values for brands

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