AI in Fashion

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the Fashion Industry

Over the course of the past year, we heard a lot of questions about Fashion AI from retailers across the world. Seeing that eCommerce went forward 10 years in such a short amount of time, fashion retailers are now having to improve online customer journeys overnight.

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and how it is changing the rules of every industry in the world. But few are clear about what exactly AI is and how it is being applied in one of the oldest, richest and most competitive industries - fashion.

In this webinar we deep dive into what is AI, more specifically domain AI and how it is currently being used in the fashion industry right from increasing productivity and sustainability capabilities to creating personalized user experiences.

Get to know our Industry Experts:

John Collins is the Director of Engineering at Vinted in Berlin, responsible for the strategy and growth of multiple software teams. With a background in Electrical Engineering, he was previously a hardware engineer at Microsoft developing the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and a Program Manager for the HoloLens AR headset. He was also a program manager for battery development at Apple. John has worked on the future of mobility as an Engineering Manager at FlixBus and on IoT devices at Relayr.

Prof. Raghuram Jayaraman is a Professor of Fashion Technology at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. He has 20+ years of academic experience of executive leadership, technology vision and domain expertise for strategising the development of the organisation with futuristic technology infrastructure and curriculum. Prof. Jayaraman held several executive leadership positions at #NIFT and currently is the Head of Industry & Alumni Affairs for all the NIFT Campuses pan India.

Vivek Bharadwaj is the Director of Product Management at Streamoid, a fashion tech platform which has developed AI that understands the business of fashion & the nuances of style. Having worked in food tech and fashion eCommerce, he has built SaaS, B2B and B2C products in AI reaching millions of consumers. At Streamoid, he has been instrumental in the building of Productivity Applications for Fashion business users using Computer Vision and AI.

Interested in the world of AI in Fashion? Watch this space for more thought provoking conversations with tech masterminds & fashion experts alike.

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