Unleash the potential of Conversational AI

The ultimate AI stylist and shopping assistant for Fashion retailers

Magix - Ultimate AI stylist and shopping assistant for fashion retailers

Powering the worlds best retailers

Have Real Conversations

From discussing fashion tips to presenting curated experiences, Magix uses the best of CharGPT’s conversational intelligence to take shoppers on a guided shopping expedition, chatting with them just as a personal stylist would.

Custom Fashion Knowledge Banks

It comes pre-packed with experts verified fashion intelligence, which can further be customised to brands style guidelines. We don’t want to take any chances of ChatGPT’s biases or hallucinations.

AI Styling & Cataloging Engines

Product catalogs are automatically enriched with relevant metadata using the catalogix platform and complementary and outfit recommendations are generated to inspire and style customers with complete looks.

Easy Integration

With a simple SDK plug-and-play interface, retailers can seamlessly incorporate Magix into their website and sales channels.

Categories Served

AI and Automations built for Retail

Personal stylist

Centralize product data from all your distributed systems. Catalogix is your products single source of truth.

Magix - personal stylist
Virtual Shopping Assistant

Centralize product data from all your distributed systems. Catalogix is your products single source of truth.

Magix Virtual Shopping Assistant

Channels we support. New channels added every week.

magix query process flowchart

Experience the power of Vortex, the ultimate virtual stylist and shopping assistant. Redefine how shoppers discover and embrace their unique styles, online and offline.

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Arrun Ravi
Head of eCommerce, CELIO
"Streamoid has successfully implemented live AI, ML, and CV models with accuracies ranging from 90-99% based on category, gender, and type of images. We are happy to provide references or any further checks upon request."

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