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Manage your eCommerce product catalog like never before

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Powering the worlds best retailers

Recapture lost revenue

Every additional second it takes to list your product is a missed sale. We blaze through Cataloging workflows to get your products ready for sale in minutes

Explore new markets

With automated marketplace conversions, list in 1 channel or 100 with the same amount of effort. We simplify workflows and manage the process end to end.

Optimize your content

Increase product conversions with AI generated titles, descriptions, images, and product videos that are optimized for each channel.

Reduce returns

Automatically identify issues in your product listings and fix them before your customer ever sees them.

Categories Served

AI and Automations built for Retail



Centralize product data from all your distributed systems. Catalogix is your products single source of truth.

6 hours
6 minutes
Free up your team from tedious data transformations and complex ETL flows. Let us onboard your products in minutes with Catalogix, so your team can focus on core tasks.


Manage your product information across all channels from one place

4 Tools
1 Tool
We use a single tool to get everything necessary for product listing and feed management without disrupting workflow by switching between multiple systems.

Channels we support. New channels added every week.

major channels supported by Streamoid
Multi channel integration

Maintain your eCommerce store with our

End to End Managed Solution

We manage it for you


Self Service tool

You have complete control

Arun Ravi
Head of eCommerce, CELIO
"Streamoid has successfully implemented live AI, ML, and CV models with accuracies ranging from 90-99% based on category, gender, and type of images. We are happy to provide references or any further checks upon request."

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How to build great Catalog content at scale using AI

In this blog post, we will explore how to use AI to build great content at scale for eCommerce.

The most efficient way to catalog and list your products on marketplaces

Product tagging is a critical part of an eCommerce setup. If done manually, it is a laborious task to undertake. Catalogix's computer vision and NLP models to make this process seamless.
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