ABFRL's cataloging efficiency goes up 75% with Streamoid's AutoScribe

The Problem

Online, retailers today can profit from being in a large number of marketplaces. While this boosts exposure and results in conversions for the brand, it calls for duplicating efforts in the tedious cataloging process. Longer time to market equals lost revenue. Tagging products according to the taxonomy of all the marketplaces manually demands time, management and resources. To add to that, brands have to hire and train continuously almost every six months for the task.

ABFRL (Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited)

ABFRL is India’s first billion dollar fashion powerhouse. The fashion conglomerate operates a retail presence comprising over 3000 brand stores in India, across 25,000 multi brand outlets and over 6,000 department stores in the country. Its suite of established 25+ years strong brands includes Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly and Peter England.


Better metadata association and greater understanding of the user query can lead to a 40% increase in revenue.

AutoScribe's task

Since ABFRL oversees a large number of brands, previously, the company manually cataloged millions of products for eight marketplaces. This meant repeating the same tedious process 8x times per product. The company is engaging Streamoid's managed service to improve the efficiency of the cataloging process and reduce error rates.

AutoScribe Performance

In three months, AutoScribe delivered data for 10,000 products and has since been ABFRL's cataloging solution. Catalog once, convert everywhere. Autoscribe is Streamoid's AI cataloguing tool that automates tagging and converts tags into multiple taxonomies.

About the technology

• AI to Human Handover

Self Evaluation Networks auto-highlight scenarios where the AI generates wrong tags

• Online Learning

The AI takes feedback and learns without depending on large volumes of data

• Fine Grained Classification

Fashion optimised AI that captures more than 2000 intricate design details

How it works

Supported marketplaces

(and more on the way)


ABFRL's cataloging efficiency increased by 75%
“At ABFRL we are well aware that rich and accurate product information creates great customer experience online. In the fast changing world of fashion retail, where new products get launched every month, cataloging is a challenge and was a manual exercise until recently.
With Streamoid’s AutoScribe, we now catalog our products in less than 6 hours instead of 2 days and our data is enriched immensely while maintaining an accuracy of 99%. We’re very pleased with the technology and the overall experience.”
- Praveen Shrikhande, Chief Digital and Information Officer, ABFRL

Authored by Team Streamoid

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