THE ROLE OF COLOR IN OUTFITS: Enhancing Fashion with AI-Powered Recommendations

May 23, 2023
Antara Anujan

In today's digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming various industries, and fashion is no exception. AI has revolutionized the way outfits are built, with color playing a significant role in creating visually appealing ensembles. Color is the first thing that is registered in a person's mind as 90% of the information that reaches the brain is visual through our eyes. The color palette must work well in an outfit and ensure its cohesiveness. By choosing the right mix and match of colors in outfit suggestions, a retailer can add more interest and an enhanced customer experience to their shoppers. This blog explores how AI is being leveraged for outfit generation, focusing on the crucial role of color. Additionally, we will discuss the challenges AI systems face while building outfits for eCommerce brands using color combinations and potential solutions to tackle these problems.

Despite the advancements, AI systems encounter several challenges when building outfits for e-commerce brands using color combinations. Some of these challenges include:

The subjectivity of fashion: Fashion is highly subjective, and color preferences can vary widely among individuals. AI systems may struggle to capture the diverse range of personal style choices and interpret the nuanced understanding of color aesthetics.

Contextual understanding: Colors can hold cultural or contextual significance, and AI may face difficulties comprehending these factors accurately. Suggestions may inadvertently include color combinations that are inappropriate or offensive in certain cultural contexts.

Limited knowledge base: AI models rely on the data they are trained on, and their suggestions may be limited to the information available in their knowledge base. They may struggle to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and may not have access to real-time fashion insights.

Perceiving color accurately: AI relies on digital representations of colors, which may not always accurately depict real-life shades. Factors like lighting, image quality, and display devices can impact color perception, leading to discrepancies between the suggested colors and the actual product colors.

Complexities of color relationships: AI algorithms may not fully grasp the intricacies of color relationships, such as undertones, shades, and variations within color families. This limitation may result in suggested color combinations that lack sophistication and fail to consider subtle nuances.

The AI algorithms powering Streamoid's Outfitter styling engine possess the capability to analyze extensive volumes of data, encompassing fashion trends, color theory, and user preferences. This enables the engine to provide personalized and visually appealing outfit combinations as recommendations. By understanding the psychology of colors and their interactions, the engine generates outfits that resonate with individual tastes and enhance visual harmony.  

To tackle some of the above challenges, the Outfitter styling engine implements specific strategies:  

Contextual awareness: The styling engine is equipped with contextual awareness, considering factors like occasion, cultural norms, and weather conditions. Integrating contextual understanding enables AI systems to suggest color combinations that are appropriate and aligned with the specific situation.  

Improved color perception and comprehensive color bank: AI models leverage image processing technologies to enhance color perception. By analyzing multiple images, using color calibration techniques, and accounting for device variations, AI systems are equipped to provide more accurate representations of colors. Furthermore, a vast and comprehensive color bank is employed in the process of outfit generation to ensure the coherence and harmony of color combinations.

Collaborative AI-Human approach: Combining AI's computational capabilities with human expertise and judgment addresses the subjectivity of fashion and complex color relationships. Human stylists guide and refine the suggestions made by the AI systems, ensuring outfits are not only visually appealing but also aligned with fashion trends and individual preferences.

Incorporating user feedback: By actively collecting user feedback and preferences, the AI systems refine their algorithms to better understand individual style choices and color preferences. Continuous learning from user interactions enhances the accuracy and personalization of outfit recommendations.


In conclusion, automated styling engines are revolutionizing the way people shop and dress by using AI algorithms to recommend outfits to shoppers. These engines consider various factors such as color combinations, product pairing rules, and even weather conditions to suggest the most suitable outfits. Despite challenges in capturing subjectivity, contextual understanding, and color complexities, AI can overcome these limitations through continuous learning and a collaborative AI-human approach. Whether it's pairing complementary hues or experimenting with monochromatic looks, AI-powered color-coordinated outfit generation offers users a creative and convenient way to effortlessly put together stylish ensembles. By harnessing the power of AI and human creativity, e-commerce brands can provide users with personalized and visually striking outfit recommendations that enhance their fashion experience.


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