Outfitter Edits

January 11, 2021
Malini Konda

Outfit recommendations on a fashion site is a tried and tested way of cross-selling. Most retailers try to recreate what the model in the shoot is wearing and offer it as a recommendation. But that has one shortcoming, when those products are out of stock it makes for a very poor shopping experience.  

Some retailers have an army of stylists creating looks for their high-velocity products and are being handsomely rewarded with increased engagement and conversions. However, styling every product and keeping it updated when you have a large catalog is an impossible task.  

Streamoid’s outfitter is a proven AI-based Outfit recommendations system that has been live on multiple sites for over 3 years. It comes pre-programmed with the fundamental rules of fashion to generate the maximum number of outfits from a given catalog; 3 to 5 of which are displayed for shoppers to browse on websites. (A catalog of 2500 products can generate a mindboggling 4.2 million combinations of outfits in hours.)  

Forever 21 India has been using Streamoid’s Outfitter recommendations to show its consumers how each item can be styled in multiple ways. It also enhances discoverability with an estimated 1 million products being discovered each month.

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Outfitter Edits
Outfitter Edits is for all those Fashion retailers who have a strong sense of style and want to curate their offering to their shoppers. In the offline world, shoppers typically take the help of family and friends or the shop assistant to help them put together an outfit for the occasion.  
What makes this solution different is that we can add layers of intelligence to our styling engine. This latest offering is from our ability to curate for the relevant occasion or activity. Shoppers always have a context in mind when shopping and this is lost when they navigate online sites. Outfitter Edits is one of the ways to bring context back into the shopping experience. It even buckets them based on price brands so shoppers can efficiently find what they are looking for in their budget.
At launch Outfitter Edits will offer over 26 occasions at launch, which include activities like a date, a networking event, or going to the gym. More will be added as we go forward.  

Outfitter Edits

How it works:  

  • It is a button made available on the brand’s product details page.  
  • On clicking the button, a question asking the users to select the activity pops up.
  • Once the user confirms the activity, the relevant outfits for that activity are shown to the user in 3 price ranges - low, mid & high..
  • The user can then select the products she is interested in & add them to cart.  

Benefits for Brands:
It is a novel and non-intrusive way to offer styling as a service to shoppers to:  

  • Enhances shopper experience along their product discovery journey  
  • Demonstrates the versatility of product being viewed  
  • Inspires shoppers and validates their choice of the product for that occasion  
  • This leads to higher conversions  
  • Builds brand loyalty  
“We believe that virtual styling as a service is going to be a game-changer in the fashion industry. This is only the first of the styling features being released by Streamoid. We are working on other like, styling a garment up or styling it down depending on the occasion. So, you wear an outfit to work, change a few pieces around and you are ready to leave for dinner straight from the office.”- Rohan Manthani VP Products, Streamoid Technologies  

Some Limitations:
Availability of outfit recommendations is dependent on the fill rates of auxiliary services that Outfitter depends on such as Generation of collages etc.
- Not all catalogs will generate outfits for all activities. It is directly proportional/related to the catalog & the kind of products it has.  

 Outfitter Edits is a pro feature of Outfitter which adds context back into the shopping experience.

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