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December 27, 2022
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As a fashion retailer, you have done everything to succeed, got a good product collection, built a good online fashion store and are driving traffic to the store, but your customers just bounce right off and do not engage enough to discover your lovely products.

This is one of the biggest challenges for all online retailers, not just you. While attracting visitors to your website is one thing, interacting with and sharing the right content is often a much greater challenge. So, how do you improve engagement and conversions, especially without the advantage of salespersons that brick-and-mortar stores have?

Quizzes are a wonderful solution to this problem. They engage your audience in a fun, interactive way while gathering useful information, which can then be deployed to guide customers to make better purchase decisions. The best part is that Quizzes are easy to implement.

Fashion sales, specifically, are driven by a wide range of factors like,  trends, style preferences, size, fit, materials etc.  Decoding fashion is not easy and shoppers often look to sales assistants for fashion advice. Successful fashion brands have trained stylists to guide shoppers and help them make the right choices. Online, we can use quizzes to ask the right questions and guide the shopper along her shopping journey. With each question, results get customized and keep shoppers engaged.

In this article let’s take a look at how to use quizzes effectively and the benefits of adding quizzes to your website.  

Use a quiz to tap into the eternal quest of self-knowledge
As humans, we are always curious to learn about ourselves. So understanding our personal style is bound to catch your shopper's interest. These customers may be willing to give personal information in order to learn more about themselves and you should make it worth their while. Give them a style profile or their personal color pallet or something at the end of the Quiz.

Use a Quiz in lieu of a Sales assistant
The Quiz need not be administered all in one go, instead, you can have relevant questions pop up along the shopper's journey and make it a completed curated one. You can understand your customer's likes and dislikes and create a style profile. Based on this style profile you can automatically rank and re-arrange products and offers to give each customer a unique view of your store, making it compelling for them. The second time they visit a personalized, curated store is waiting for them.

Quizzes and Product Promotions
Another great way to use a quiz is to promote your products and services. Suppose you are planning to sell a new variety of jackets, you can create a quiz that shows the different types of jackets you sell and ask customers to call out the styles and maybe even rate their preferences. Using this info, you will be able to gauge the interest of your customers in the new jackets.

Quizzes and Social media engagement
There's nothing like a Quiz to entice customers who are always eager to test their knowledge - especially if the task is challenging. With well-designed quizzes you can learn how your customers think and what they desire, which is valuable data on its own.

Quizzes are an effective way to determine what your customers are looking for. You can determine what categories, styles, aesthetics etc., they value most and create those collections to offer an intuitive shopping experience. This will make your store the Go-to store for your customers.

What are the benefits of adding a Quiz?

Know your customers intimately
To offer a personalized experience, it is essential to learn not only about customer demographics- age, gender, and income, but also their psychographics and individual preferences to truly understand their style, interests, needs, and goals. But, this is information customers are reluctant to part with. They either find it boring to fill out forms or have privacy issues. Quizzes administered at relevant times can capture small nuggets of information and over time we can capture a full profile of the customer.  

This in-depth understanding of your target audience enables you to focus your brand messaging and create hyper-targeted advertisements that speak directly to them. Advertisements tailored to your customer’s interests are more impactful and give much better ROI  

One-on-One personalization
Today, customers are gravitating toward brands that listen to what they want, understand what they need, and respond to their specific needs. With Quizzes and the information we capture about the customer we can contextualize messaging, offers, and experiences depending on the unique profile of each visitor.

Isn’t it exciting when your name was displayed in an email subject line? Or something is specially curated just for you? For businesses to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded and savvy marketplace, retailers need to personalize every touchpoint. The more tailored the experience the more effective will it be to keep the customer engaged and coming back for more.

Improve customer engagement
Typically, when people talk about the customer experience they mean traditional sales and marketing touch points along the customer journey—for example, beautiful apps and websites. But that's a thing of the past. Today, in order to yield good results, better customer retention increased sales and stronger loyalty, you have to delight your audience. You need to create an interactive experience for your target audience. Quizzes can be an interesting way to engage your shoppers with relevant content in a gamified way.

Create curated shopping experiences
Responsive quizzes can be invaluable in creating unique experiences. You can create different customer journeys, show only relevant content at each step and build loyalty.

You can personalize the categories they see, the sort order of products displayed in those category pages and the recommendations you use to cross-sell and up-sell. All can be personalized for each and every shopper based on their preferences.

Generate more leads, Boost conversions, Gather powerful insights
With the depth of customer knowledge fueling your marketing, your messaging is going to be spot on bringing you leads that convert.

Having brought the shoppers to the site, the personalization based on the Quiz adds context and keeps the content relevant for shopper’s. They need not wade through a sea of random products that don't seem to fit their needs

Best Practices to Use Quizzes on Websites
Websites are increasingly using quizzes as a way to engage visitors and generate leads. When done well, quizzes can be a fun and effective way to learn about your audience.  
However, there are a few best practices to keep in mind to ensure that your quiz is successful.

Set your goals and Call to action
Consider what you hope to accomplish with your Fashion Quiz before choosing the type of quiz to build. Having a goal helps you determine what kind of quiz to run, what questions to ask, and what data to collect. Goals enable you to get measurable results.  

Keep it short and simple
We often forget that people have short attention spans. You shouldn't assume that your audience is as interested in your business as you are. Lengthy quizzes can lead to people abandoning them, which is detrimental to participation.

Create your quiz by thinking about your goal and then figuring out the fewest number of questions that will achieve it. Consider offering a prize or special offer as an incentive to encourage participants to answer more questions. For most quizzes, two minutes is a good amount of time.

Keep it fun and interesting
Keep your Quiz interesting with a good balance of easy and difficult questions. Have a challenging quiz, but not so hard that participants get frustrated and give up halfway through. Conversely, do not make it so easy that everyone can guess and score 100%.

The end goal is not to make them feel ignorant about a given topic, but to encourage them to learn more about your product or service.

Take advantage of trending topics
Despite quizzes being an excellent form of interactive content and a great way to capture leads, they are often boring. Incorporating current trends into your quiz questions or theme makes them current and intriguing.. For example, correlate your questions with the latest movie or trending brand.  

Ensure your topic fits your goal and is relevant to your participants, and you will enjoy a significant boost in participation.  

Keep in touch!
Once your audience engages with your Quiz, don’t sit quiet. Take it to the next level. Get in touch via a personalized email campaign. It is an effective way to follow up with these leads. You can share some curations or even offer some discounts based on your assessment of their answers.  

Select the perfect quiz display type
Creating an intuitive quiz is only the first step. What matters is how you display and embed the quiz on your website.  Keep it as visual as possible. Ensure it's mobile-friendly and test the quiz on various phones and tablets before launching it.

There are several ways to display/embed your quiz on your website:

  • With a dedicated landing page
  • Embedded onto an existing page on your website
  • Full page embed
  • Instant article embed
  • Pop-up style embed
  • Chat messenger style embed
  • Custom embed functionality
  • Floating rectangle style embed
  • Greet bar style embed
  • Sidenote style embed

As such, quizzes can be used however you see fit and you're only limited by your imagination.  

Streamoid is a fashion AI company and has developed multiple quizzes to gather data needed to create a comprehensive style profile. It takes into consideration that not people are fashion savvy and caters to them as well. For example most people don’t know if their body shape is a Rectangle or a Triangle, Apple or Pear. But, what they do know is that they like or do not like about themselves. They might have narrow shoulders or a big bust and so on. So this forms one of the questions

This is just a small example of the approach. The comprehensive quiz captures all the information a stylist would require to personalize apparel and accessories for the shopper.  

All the important attributes are captured and this is processed by Streamoid’s AI styling engine to personalize the entire shopping experience for the customer.

Streamoid’s AI styling engine is one of a kind. It has been built in such a way that layers of intelligence can be added to it. Personalization is one such layer.

The AI Stylist ranks and sorts products as per the preference of the shopper expressed in the quiz. This is also combined with historic shopping data to get a much more comprehensive and nuanced view of the shopper.

With Streamoid Quiz and AI styling engine, Fashion retailers can map and plan customer journeys offering meaningful choices along the way.

Therefore, a compelling quiz can be a great way to engage your audience and increase traffic. However, make sure your quiz provides you and your customers with useful information and doesn’t waste their valuable time.

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