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September 22, 2021
Malini Konda

Simple web store upgrades can significantly enhance sales for fashion retail & eCommerce brands. Ever wondered how your favourite stores predicted what were looking for with just a simple alphabet? Autosuggest is a robust database of suggestions. For example, when you start typing "A" Even before you type the next letter all the possible phrases with that alphabet are shown making this a convenient solution for customers who don’t want to spend too much time browsing.


As you can see, these suggestions do not follow any particular pattern or trend, it’s merely a database of all the products available on the website. The diversity of these suggested phrases depends on the diversity captured in the product names. " A –line checkered dress " . The search query gives every combination of this phrase eg: A-line dresses; Checkered dresses; A-line checkered dresses" and this is done for every product title that had "A" in it. To ensure 100% accuracy we so far had a human involved to edit any repetitions or incorrect suggestions.  

Autosuggest V.2.1 is faster & far more intelligent, with the ability to segregate based on brands & categories. We take it up a notch with our new auto-validation model that automatically removes incomplete & incorrect suggestions & with more diverse product names Autosuggest can now work quicker and better than ever before.  

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