5 Designers that are embracing color in 2022

October 5, 2021
Sayesha Grewal

While picking an outfit, color is very important to most people. Wearing the right hue can completely shift up your look & vibe, from casual chic to straight-up fire here are some of the powerful and energetic colors that shook the Spring Summer 2022 RTW runway.

Proenza Schouler Runway

Proenza Schouler

Amid the pandemic, designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough spent time in Kauai, the second oldest island tucked away in Hawaii to gather some inspiration. You can tell they’ve been influenced by a tropical color scheme – featuring sunshine yellows invoking a sense of warmth and happiness, striking pinks that pop & bold statement oranges that represents the power of the wild.

Botter Runway


Perhaps one of the most brilliantly presented shows of the season, from concept to execution, Rushemy Botter made a bold statement by addressing the escalating issue of climate emergency. Whilst most of the industry was running from pillar to post to survive the pandemic, the Botter designers set up a coral nursery off the Dutch Caribbean. Their commitment to rehabilitate the seas was thoughtfully represented in their collection. Highlighting tones of the Deep-Sea Blue, it almost felt like an underwater experience bringing with it this sense of urgency in the message but calmness in execution.  

Marni Runway


Color blocking never looked this good. Risso impressed us this season by putting together a well-rounded collection and a show with a message by including people from all walks of life. Gender fluidity, racial diversity, and body inclusivity were areas he embraced, while also subtly addressing the pandemic & injustices faced by people across the world. You can tell he sees the intolerance in mankind but executes his thoughts with exceptionally draped dresses & bold color-blocked power suits.

Are we picking up on a trend here? Top designers seem to be loving hues of blue and yellow this season.

Jill Sander Runway

Jill Sander

After designers Lucie & Luke Meier experienced a life-altering change this year with their firstborn, you can tell there’s been a shift in perspective for them this season. In a backstage interview with Vogue this year Lucie talks about how it’s time we embrace a positive future, while Luke says “kids are a material reminder that the future has to be better”. Ever wondered why when most of us think of newborns, we think of soft-pastel colors? Well, I think this stands true for Jill Sander too. Sweeping the runway with pastel hues that induced this sense of tranquility. Dialing it down was just what we needed after the abundance of bold and beautiful on the runway. From muted earthy greens to buttery yellows- here are a few stand-out looks.

Balmain runway

Last but not least, Balmain

While they stuck to their classics, red was the pop of color that made a powerful statement on the runway this season. After years of dealing with ‘haters’ and unfriendly Balmain fans, Oliver Rousteing became the first Black person to lead a historic French house. He spent years fine-tuning his style and aesthetic, developing and refining his sensibilities. This collection intentionally, or unintentionally defines his struggle to find his space in the vast world of fashion. Rousteing does classic colors like none other, elevating simple shades like black, white & beige with intricate embellishments and ensembles that are finished to perfection. The bold of the red stood out, was it a powerplay? Was it a message of dominance? Either way, he was successful! Having 6000+ people scream while you take a bow is an iconic moment that we should all be celebrating.

Color plays such an important role in fashion, from representing bold messages with hues of red from Balmain to addressing the climate crisis with hues of blue from Botter. Each color has a feeling, and however simple it may all look, it takes finetuned skills & a keen eye for design to actualize them into wearable fashion.
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Banner Image: Models pose wearing creations by Bora Aksu at London Fashion Week, London (Source: Reuters / Photo: Henry Nicholls)

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