What your eyes see and want is
what our
products deliver.

Visual Search Engines From Streamoid.

With deep expertise in
Image Recognition &
Visual Search, Streamoid
has developed
two search engines.

A similar image matching engine for
the fashion retailer

An exact image matching engine
for the publisher

What's special about
Streamoid's platform?

Patented technology with end to end implementation

Ultra fast visual search results with responses under 0.1secs


A completely

Plug and play integration with all major e-commerce platforms

What Streamoid offers its clients is the ability to deliver relevant content in real time. We offer a set of computer vision based marketing tools that are scalable for both e-Commerce Fashion Retailers and Publishers.
The bottom line - improved sales and increased revenues.

Fashion Retailer

piQalike is a cutting edge image
recognition engine that uses visual
features of clothes (colour, pattern,
style, etc.) to find the closest
comparable items from your inventory.
It helps customer buy the product.

This simple addition to your online store
also allows customers to upload any
image and find similar products from within
your catalog.

that inspire purchase

Recognising a customers' click as intent,
piQalike recommends similar looking items,
so shoppers can see all the options
available and find what they are most likely
to purchase.

Changing the way
we search for
fashion items

Fashion is visual

Sometimes it is difficult to describe what
you are looking for. With piQalike, you can
just take a picture of what you like and find
similar products, in real time, within your
retail inventory.

30 Day FREE Trial.

Our experience has shown that click-through-rates(CTRs) of Vision based recommended
products increased more than 40% compared to normal recommendations.
Try it using our Plug and Play integration in a matter of hours.

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piQto isn't about reinventing a whole
new system, but rather connecting and
leveraging existing initiatives, to amplify
impact. It is a bridge between off-line
images and on-line content.

Driving offline
prospects into
online believers.

reader engagement.

With piQto working for you, newspapers and magazines come to life with videos, audio, photos and other interactive content.

Make each print ad
a call to action.

Turn your ads into shopping links -
offer audio-visual content, special
deals through direct calling, web
click-throughs, polls and quizzes,
digital catalogues, 3D product models,
and much more. You can also
up-sell advertisements.

Monetize with Native

Associate brands with relevant images
and articles and promote brand
stories in hard-hitting journalistic
fashion. A useful way to link content
to commerce.

The Admin Panel

Seamlessly integrate piQto visual
search using our Admin Panel CMS.
Handle all aspects of publishing and
ad interaction with minimal effort
and in real time

Seeing is believing.

piQto interact your readers curiosity and allows them to proactively interact
with content. Our experience has shown significant click-through-rates and
increased consumption of related content. Additionally, our plug-and-play
integration makes this simple to test.

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Wouldn't it be amazing if our phones
recognized images just like our brain does?

We thought, what if we could create technology to recognize an image
and then search a large visual database to get related content online?

And that's how it all began at Streamoid. We built the company around
image-based recognition: discovery, experience and attainment.
We are developing new ways for people to find, explore, collect and
share content they're interested in. Today our growing client list
stands testimony to that.

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