AI Studio
Build your own fashion AI
using our proven classifiers
and detectors
Use your own data and build your own AI. Get the power to build high quality classifiers, and manage and monitor them with ease.
You don’t need data scientists to build classifiers anymore
With AI Studio, anyone can annotate data and build deep learning models with zero lines of code. They use default definitions to get consistent tagging, manage the training sessions and build classifiers in the fastest way possible.
Build clean and structured catalogs
Use your own taxonomy and just upload existing data to our dashboard. Our proprietary algorithms automatically select the most relevant training models, identify data errors and suggest what data to add to improve the classifiers. It can’t get any easier.
Deploy with just a click
Deploy AI models built instantly on designated infrastructure. Use the newly minted AI model to start predicting the values. No need for systems or ops knowledge. Your standard infrastructure can be used to scale automatically.
Monitor and Evaluate with ease
Evaluating the models and keeping them up-to-date is essential to building enterprise ready AI solutions. Our platform offers various ways to evaluate models and comes with embedded active-learning techniques.
To use AI Studio, all you need is data and the desire to build classifiers.
Add on Pro features for amplified performance and deeper insight.
Customize results in line with business goals.
Create unique brand experiences with our enterprise solutions.
Deliver deeper engagement with Streamoid’s domain-specific personalization platform. Embed hyper personalisation across your retail landscape with our bespoke AI engine.
Client Stories
Forever 21 India uses Similar to create a seamless shopping experience with relevant product recommendations for its customers. Since being live on the site, the recommendations have seen a 21.22% CTR, giving the client an additional 1.5 million PDP views in a year.
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