Cross sell better with smarter product pairing
Recommend on-trend product pairing across categories for bigger buys. Pre-programed with season and region-specific styling suggestions, Streamoid Matcher can be configured to your brand’s sensibilities.
Brands styles are automatically extracted from the catalog. No extra effort required from the client.
Retailers can boost product visibility, promote or remove a category, recommend from within select brands, and accomplish more.
Get a simple, intuitive dashboard to have complete control over what is finally published. Corrections are used as feedback to further improve recommendations.
Scalable and Easy to Integrate
Our solutions are platform agnostic with easy to use APIs that include just a single line of code. They require minimal to no IT support.
If you are not cross selling or upselling, you are leaving money on the table. Matcher adds 8 to 10% additional CTRs, nudging customers to explore more product categories.
Add on Pro features for amplified performance and deeper insight.
Geo Optimisation
Style the catalog differently for different geographies keeping local sensibility in mind
Brand Optimization
Customise results in line with brand’s style guide
Create unique brand experiences with our enterprise solutions.
Deliver deeper engagement with Streamoid’s domain-specific personalization platform. Embed hyper personalisation across your retail landscape with our bespoke AI engine.
Client Stories
Forever 21 used Matcher and saw an increase in CTRs for recommendation widgets from 34% to 42%.
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