Expand your reach.
Effortlessly add more channels with AI powered cataloging and marketplace management technology
Ground-breaking technology crafted for you
Listing on multiple marketplaces? Take control of your entire cataloging & feed management process without an army of catalogers.
Keep your category pages fresh & relevant, use it’s PIM’s features or manage your product & feed syndication, all in one place.
Streamline your onboarding process with Catalogix, helping brands list efficiently & as per your guidelines.
Helping fashion brands has never been easier. Streamline your operations while reducing TAT, giving you the chance to add so much more value.
Say goodbye to messy folders & manage all visual assets better. Automate post-processing & product attribution. Stand out by completing the workflow end-to-end.
OMS/WMS & otherS
You can use Catalogix to offer white label solutions to cover more workflows.
Automated product tagging and enrichment  
Tag fashion products with relevant attributes from Streamoid’s rich Taxonomy with 90%+ accuracy. It has a built-in translation layer that maps them accurately to different brand and marketplace Taxonomies
Creative product content and SEO optimisation
SEO friendly product information: Catalogix autogenerates rich product titles & descriptions that are imperative for search & discovery
Image management
Optimize product images, texts & tags for multiple marketplaces with the click of a button
A man-machine partnership like none other. No ai is 100% accurate but with our built-in prints that highlight errors, users can easily edit. Training the platform to reduce errors over time
Marketplace Conversions
Optimize product images, texts & tags for multiple marketplaces with the click of a button
Integrations and feed management
It allows you to manage pricing and inventory across channels in real time and integrates easily with any software- PIM’s/OMS/WMS/CRM’s
One Dashboard to manage it all
How it works
Add on Pro features for amplified performance and deeper insight.
product titles
Auto-generate SEO optimised product titles
product descriptions
Auto generate product descriptions
Automatically change backgrounds, aspect ratios and image positions to suit marketplace requirements.
Enable shoppers to visualize products within the context of a mood, occasion or activity
ALT Tags
Add SEO tags to make images discoverable by search engines
Create unique brand experiences with our enterprise solutions.
Deliver deeper engagement with Streamoid’s domain-specific personalization platform. Embed hyper personalisation across your retail landscape with our bespoke AI engine.
Marketplaces we support
ABFRL's Cataloging Efficiency Goes Up 75% with Catalogix
ABFRL engaged Streamoid's managed service for Catalogix and saved 1000 hours in a quarter while maintaining 99% accuracy.
How AI Cataloging Can Supercharge ECommerce Strategy
Today, it’s fundamental for retailers to embrace tools that help them innovate at scale. AI cataloging saves time, improves SEO relevance and benefits in-site discoverability.
Discover AI Assisted Cataloging for Marketplaces
The fashion industry's reliance on digital channels has accelerated significantly in a short span. AI assisted cataloging products such as AutoScribe help retailers go to market 80% faster.
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