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This demo simulates a real time data stream allowing you to explore the tool, without connecting to a data source.
Check out how AutoScribe works with your catalog! Contact us to get your 30 day free trial.
Check out how this works with your catalog! Contact us to get your 30 day free trial.
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Complete Flexibility. Full Control.

Upload by Batch
Upload images or a CSV file in batches of 50 products up to an unlimited number of batches.
QC by exception
The tool flags all instances where it is not 100% confident, for manual QC.
Simplify onboarding stylists
Never again would you have to train people for taxonomies. This means that your team can be productive from day one.
Self learning system
During edits, the AI tool suggests the most likely alternative tags. Once corrected to your taxonomy, it will reflect in all future results.
Plug and Play
Our one line API requires minimal to no IT support. Go live in 30 minutes.
Our pricing is based on the number of products and the number of marketplaces.
Our sophisticated ML models developed over four years have built-in classifiers with a high 95% accuracy. The best part? It gets better with continued use. The embedded self learning system will auto tag better and more accurately, each time you use it.
We receive a demo tailored to our data in under 24 hours and at production, it just took them six hours to add all the relevant meta tags to a catalog of a 1000 SKUs with 99% accuracy. “
Abhishek Jha, Head of Cataloging
Add on Pro features for amplified performance and deeper insight.
Product TitleS
Auto generate SEO optimized product titles
Product Description
Auto generate product descriptions
Create unique brand experiences with our enterprise solutions.
Deliver deeper engagement with Streamoid’s domain-specific personalization platform. Embed hyper personalisation across your retail landscape with our bespoke AI engine.
Platform Integration
We are platform agnostic and are partnered with all business solutions providers
ABFRL's Cataloging Efficiency Goes Up 75% with Catalogix
ABFRL engaged Streamoid's managed service for AutoScribe and saved 1000 hours in a quarter while maintaining 99% accuracy.
How AI Cataloging can supercharge eCommerce strategy
Today, it’s fundamental for retailers to embrace tools that help them innovate at scale. AI cataloging saves time, improves SEO relevance and benefits in-site discoverability.
Discover AI Assisted Cataloging for Marketplaces
The fashion industry's reliance on digital channels has accelerated significantly in a short span. AI assisted cataloging products such as AutoScribe help retailers go to market 80% faster.
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