Powerful Image Management with Catalogix

September 21, 2021
Malini Konda

Brands who list their products on multiple marketplaces will be delighted to hear that Streamoid has just release a powerful Automated Image management feature in Catalogix to make Marketplace conversions of brands catalog effortless with a new & improved UI/UX making this tool easy to use & efficient.  

Marketplaces need product images in certain formats and in a particular order. With this new feature release you can not only convert product attributes into multiple marketplace formats, you can automatically convert images into relevant formats as well and present them in the right order. Catalog once and convert everywhere.

Marketplace taxonomy
Quality check by sellers
Quality check products by Sellers

A manual process that requires hours of human input is now simplified for both fashion retailers & sellers.

Managing images is now easier as alpha mask shows you what will be edited from the background, Catalogix not only allows you to change background images from an easy to view drop-down menu but it comes fitted with a powerful brush tool, making manual edits easier.

Image management
Image Management

With an updated UI/UX design you can now select a category & then edit attributes for it  & auto save your work ensuring no slip ups or deleted projects

Update product attributes

These powerful new updates to Catalogix allow you to enjoy benefits like a more intuitive UI/UX making this tool easy to navigate, efficient & quick processing of products  & quick image management solutions for both brands & marketplaces. Making the QC process faster than ever before!

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