Streamoid Automates the Cataloging Process Thanks to a New AI Driven Tool
7th Dec 2020

Assigning correct and relevant tags to your products is a crucial part of making them discoverable by potential customers. As you may have guessed, this is a long and tedious cataloguing process for e-commerce stylists who require extensive training to juggle different taxonomies. This is especially true for retailers, who list products from multiple brands.

Luckily, Streamoid’s latest technology solution aims to automate the process, make it more accurate and save time while at it, thanks to AI. The AutoScribe tool is broken down into five steps. Upload your product images - the AI will auto-generate product tags for you across various nomenclatures. The tags are then auto sampled for review - here they can be edited and tweaked to fit the brand.  Importantly, rather than auto-filling items the system is unsure of, the technology will request a manual tag to ensure the product is accurately reflected. Finally, the data is auto-translated into the website taxonomy. All in all - a massive time saver for the previously tedious and slow product tagging process.

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