Serial entrepreneur and ex-inMobi employee’s fashion platform uses AI to let you try it before you buy it
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28th Apr 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are no longer story lines for science fiction. They are very much a part of our daily lives. Especially visual search and image recognition. Players like MadStreetDen, SnapShopr, and now Streamoid Technologies’ piQit Fashion have brought AI into our everyday fashion shopping.

Founded in 2013, Streamoid Technologies began operations in mid-2014 and is now present in India and the US. Their platform piQit Fashion uses a combination of human and machine intelligence to solve many problems commonly found in fashion retail. The team believes that blindly applying current AI techniques to a creative and constantly changing field like fashion is not enough.

Bringing in the expert voice: piQit Fashion essentially works as a fashion personalisation, analytics, and predictive recommendation platform with deep learning that is augmented with stylists’ input. “In our opinion, sophisticated AI techniques of today can solve 80 per cent of the problem, but expert guidance is required for the remaining 20 per cent,” adds 30-year-old Rajesh Kumar, CTO Streamoid Technologies.

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