Learn more about your next favourite AI stylist and shopping assistant
Discover the ultimate Fashion AI Stylebot powered by ChatGPT

Powering the worlds best retailers

Automations to improve productivity

The perfect AI partner to simplify your transformation to omni channel retail. Digitising the entire journey from product to consumer.

From siloed data to centralised

We make the digital transformation as painless as possible. We build and organise product information in a way that makes it easy for all departments to use.

AI augmented customer experiences

A powerful AI-powered styling engine that personalises your customer journeys just as a stylist would.

Data-based Retail Intelligence

The Universal crawler tracks competitor websites for trends, pricing, and other relevant information to make data-based decisions.

Clean and structured data is the holy grail for all business automation. Retail is no different. If we get this step right,
then building AI solutions is a simple matter.


The next generation PIM

Automate the entire Product-to-Consumer
information flow in a single tool.
Go from product to multichannel
listing in minutes.

Catalogix Dashboard
Auto ML tool to manage new AI models

AI Studio

Accelerate your AI roadmap

The perfect Auto-ML tool to build and
manage new AI models for your
business-specific needs.


Search and discovery experiences built for Fashion

Create personalised customer journeys from search to checkout
and keep the customer coming back for more.

Visual Search

Lead customers from inspiration to sale by allowing them to search for products by uploading images of things they like, want or resonate with


Inspire shoppers to complete the look with on-trend styling options

Inspire shoppers to complete the look with on-trend styling options


Cross sell better with smarter product pairing


Enhance product discovery with the power of faceted search


Retail intelligence to power
your decision making

Use data driven insights to fill product gaps
and build your pricing strategies.
Track your competitors and trends to get
data driven insights to optimise your offering.

Streamoid Retail intelligence to power your decision making
Bipasa Ghosh
"As a leading marketplace, we faced the challenge of poor customer experience and high return rates due to incomplete and incorrect data uploaded by sellers. Despite using multiple agencies to manage our large volume of listings, data quality issues persisted. Streamoid's AI-powered cataloging solutions significantly improving our data quality to over 90%+ while delivering an exceptional turnaround time”

Total Tags Generated

Total No. of Outfits Generated

AI Models Built Using AI Studio

Praveen Shrikhande
“We worked with 4-5 vendors to get our catalog ready and list it on multiple marketplaces. This required a lot of management and co-ordination between teams, leading to delayed product listing. We partnered with Streamoid to streamline this process. Using catalogix, they process the entire groups catalog and have reduced the Turnaround time to less than 2 days.”

Limitations of ChatGPT and how you can overcome it for Fashion

Overcome limitations of ChatGPT in fashion: AI styling engines, context-aware interfaces, ethical data practices, human collaboration, and multilingual support.

Revolutionizing Fashion with Conversational AI: Exploring ChatGPT and Its Benefits

As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated and tailored interactions, leading to further improvements in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. With Conversational AI at the forefront, the fashion industry is poised to undergo a remarkable transformation in the years to come.
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