Simplifying Fashion Retail

Grow your revenue with AI that understands the business of fashion & the nuances of style

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Powerful feed and experience management solutions to make it easy for fashion sellers to go digital.

Simplify workflows, let AI do the heavy lifting.


Effortlessly add more channels of sale with
AI powered cataloging and marketplace management technology.

Make us an extension of your cataloging team, tasked to give high quality product data in any format


The most advanced AI search engine
with out-of-the-box optimisations for
your fashion business.

Personalise customer journeys with a complete
set of product discovery tools optimized & ranked
to improve your KPIs.

AI Studio

The first ever Auto ML framework
for fashion. Use your own data and build
your own AI. Access the power to build high quality classifiers and manage and monitor them with ease.

If you have a new problem statement we can build
these models just for you.

Marketplaces we support

Platform Integration

We are platform agnostic and are partnered with all business solutions providers

The only AI model

Optimised for fashion

Expand your reach & scale with ease. Book a demo today

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